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We offer services to areas such as medical, legal, mental health, civic events, political events, and all levels of government. Citizens once disenfranchised are now equally contributing members of society as a result of the professional, qualified services offered by Alonzo SLI!
Educational interpreting is one of our areas of expertise. We offer services to Pre-K thru 12th grade, post-secondary, continuing education, and ceremonies. Futures are crafted via the information which flows through our hands!
On-the-job training, job interviews, staff meetings, and presentations are just a sample of areas of experience and expertise when it comes to professional communication facilitation. We ensure that the professional communication, so vital to you, is done right the first time!
Everyone wants to be included when it comes to times of enjoyment! We offer interpreting services to areas such as performing arts, social events, sporting events, religious services, tours, organizational and club events. With Alonzo SLI, no one is left out!
Make your request! Tactile interpreting (deaf/blind), oral interpreting, consultations related to deafness, manual communication facilitation? We are the experts! Contact us today and let us help you with all those special situations and considerations!
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