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    “To provide unsurpassed quality of interpretation/transliteration services via a
    network of the highest qualified professionals in the field of manual communication facilitation.”
    — Wayne & Erica Alonzo, Owners

Florida Sign Language Interpreting
ASL Interpreting In Florida

Alonzo Sign Language Interpreting, LLC is a network of Florida’s leading professionals working to ensure that you receive the highest quality of service. In the field of interpretation (American Sign Language) and transliteration (Manually Coded English), Alonzo SLI’s mission is to bring unprecedented professionalism to those who use our services. Whether you are a Client, Interpreter, or Deaf Consumer, we are committed to you in our endeavors to be your one-stop resource for information and service throughout Florida. Whether you are in Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Palm Coast, Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach, Putnam or Orange county, or anywhere in Florida, Alonzo SLI is here to serve you.

Its our desire to hear from you with your concerns and your needs. Feel free to use our site and its many resources to get information on the extensive list of services we offer, information on interpreting and the law, a list of FAQ's, helpful links and job opportunities. Contact us with any feedback or questions you might have. We are listening and will attempt to respond to you as soon as possible....

Why Choose Us?

Alonzo SLI is trusted by schools, medical facilities, & individuals everyday throughout Florida! Here's a few reasons you should choose us:

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Happy Clients & Interpreters

Client Logo M.S.

“You guys did a great job and I am happy with the way the graduation turned out. It was evident that you all prepared ahead of time.”

Client Logo L.V.

“You and Erica are amazing and a pleasure to work with. I am the happiest I’ve ever been!”

Client Logo L.K.

I am so privileged to work for such an AWESOME, AMAZING, and WONDERFUL company.”

Client Logo E.B.

“I just wanted to let you know how grateful we are to have found your services. The interpreter was amazing. Thank you so much!”

Client Logo M.C.

“Working with Alonzo SLI has been the best experience I’ve had compared with any other entity that I have interpreted for.”

Client Logo Parent

We are so excited about J’s ACT scores!! He did awesome!! And he didn’t do it alone – thank you so much for all that you and everyone at the school did to contribute to J’s passing the ACT.

Client Logo R.H.

Thank you for enabling me to fully enjoy my daughter’s big day (graduation). You guys did a terrific job. I just wanted to let you know I appreciate it.

Client Logo G.G.

A lot of her (student) confidence at school is due to the great support that she receives from you and the interpreters. Thank you for your service.”

Client Logo D.G.

I sent your information out to other offices … thank you so much for assisting us in such short notice. I truly appreciate the warm feeling that I received from (interpreter) and you upon our request.

Client Logo J.J.

“The people (interpreters) who filled in were WONDERFUL!”

Client Logo K.N.

Reliable and timely ASL interpreting services are an important part of our providing care and you have fulfilled that well over the last few years.

Client Logo J.C.

“Your company’s reputation is proof that behind every successful company are hardworking administrators.”

Client Logo R.C.

"I just want to say "Thank You" for providing an Interpreter for my daughter. We met J.O., who was "exceptional" in her skills of communication "to" my daughter, and especially in communicating "for" her in her replies. J.O. is an asset to your staff/company! God Bless."

Client Logo B.W.

I have loved working for you and Erica! It has been such a wonderful experience and I couldn’t ask for more of a fantastic company and work environment.

Client Logo M.C.

“We appreciate your top notch interpreter!”

Client Logo W.S.

“We really appreciate (the interpreter)’s gift of sign language and we really like her as an individual as well.”

Client Logo T.R.

Your firm did an outstanding job… delivering stellar services – both interpreting services and customer service.”

Client Logo C.S.

”I just wanted to let you know that our classroom has been using your “Helpful links” page. It’s been so helpful to our project in class.”

Client Logo A.F.

I say humbly thank you for giving me the chance to work for your agency. I am truly honored to represent something I believe in and its rare to find employment where you enjoy the people you work for. I’ve had the pleasure of that experience.

Client Logo H.S.

“(Your) team mastered yet another ceremony and it seemed flawless. Congrats.”

Client Logo M.W.

Working for many different agencies, yours truly does stand out from the rest and I wanted to commend you on the fine job you are doing. It is a privilege to work with you. Keep up the excellent work.

Our Services


Services such as medical, legal, mental health, civic events, political events, and all levels of government.


Pre-K thru 12th grade, post-secondary, continuing education, and ceremonies.


On-the-job training, job interviews, staff meetings, and presentations.


Services such as performing arts, social events, sporting events, religious services, tours, organizational and club events.


Make your request! We are the experts and happy to discuss your specific need.

Press Releases

  • Semi-Annual Educational Interpreter Kick Off Meeting
    January 6

    Alonzo SLI would like to thank everyone who attended our Semi-Annual Educational Interpreter Kick Off Meeting! A great time was had by all at Columbia Restaurant in St. Augustine. A refreshing start to a new year! We appreciate each and every one of you! You are second to none!

  • New Partnership!
    September 14

    Alonzo SLI is proud to announce our partnership with Duval County Schools. Yet again, another opportunity to raise the bar of professionalism at yet another educational entity in Northeast Florida!

  • New Partnership!
    August 23

    Alonzo SLI is proud to announce the partnership with Jacksonville University! Time to raise the bar of professionalism at yet another educational entity in Northeast Florida!

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